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blametheblogger Web Trail

A web trail is a series of challenges over many different pages on the internet. Here is one:


(only works in English)


Find the highest paid manager in the world!

Search for him and find his Wikipedia page.

Find the team where he spent his youth career at and insert it into the underlined space below:

Visit the link above.

Find the city map.

On the map, find the hospital on the beach.

Change the word ‘hospital’ to ‘hotel’.

Search for it on Google Search.

How many stars does Wikipedia give it?

Insert the number in the gaps below (in letter form eg. four):

What is the first word of the ‘About Three’ page.

If A=1, B = 2, C=3 and so on, what is the code for the word.

Insert the number code below:

Taa-Daa! Web Trail Complete!

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