Top Ten Purim Costumes

Here is your quick guide to my top ten Purim costumes 2013…

10. The iPhone – Cardboard over front of body with apps painted on!

9. 60’s people – Dress up in your dads/grandparents clothes and look up the latest 60’s (or 50’s or 70’s or… well, you get the idea) fashions!

8. My idea for last year, dice! Take a cardboard box and paint iot white… with black spots!

7. Purim characters, a classic! From Esther to Haman, any of these can be done easily!

6. Mario and Luigi. Mustaches go well with the costumes!

5. Hamantashen! Very cool costume!

4. Footballer. Easy as pie and a great costume idea!

3. Mishloach Manot box. Great idea!

2. My costume this year. 2 people. I know it sounds weird, but it is so simple.

1. Upside down man. Veeeery cool!

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