Yummy Yummy Yummy (Ivanovic in my Tummy!)

Even for a Liverpool fan, this IS disgraceful!

I mean, he’s been banned for TEN matches. Other people do that and dont even get caught. I think it’s just Suarez’s reputation that turns the FA against him. When he bit someone in Holland playing for Ajax, he was only banned for 7 games. There is something about the FA and Suarez that I don’t feel is right.

Well that’s my side of the story, at least! I’ve heard some people say he should go to prison. WHAT!!!!!!

The ban means Suarez will miss the last four games of this season, and 5 pl games plus a league cup game next season.

Suarez was also fined by Liverpool fc, and he gave the money to the Hillsborough family support group. The PFA also offered him anger management courses.

Suarez decided not to appeal against the ban.

Competition time – Create a sign that says ‘warning, Suarez ahead’ or something like that. The best will be placed on the blog, plus the winner will receive free entry to the secret club plus a MYSTERY PRIZE!!!

Here is an example –

Suarez poster

(Open the PowerPoint)

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