Episode Two – Top Ten Apps

And here is the revised version of Top Ten Apps

10: Doodle Jump – £0.69

In tenth we have Doodle Jump!

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a game where you have to jump on platforms to get as high as possible. On the way you can collect power-ups which can give you a boost. You can also shoot monsters.

It is a game worth it’s value, but you can also download a free version if you want to avoid spending.

Shooting Monsters

9: Score! Classic Goals – Free


In this  free game,  you have to recreate goals scored by legends of the past. It has simple controls, and is a very cool game. I highly recommend it to football lovers who love to play.


8: Jetpack Joyride – Free

How it looks on your iThing

This is a brilliant game made by Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja.

It is a popular game, and it is sooooooo addictive!

Literally, I can hardly get of it!


7: iBooth – Free

iBooth is a free photo editing app in which you can insert many cool effects into photos, the one I like is the one that makes you look like an alien!!!

It is great, and I recommend it.

6: Subway Surfers – Free

A former number 1 down 5 places! I have realised that this is not so addictive, but it is still an epic game.

It is the same sort of style as Temple Run, but is much better.

I highly recommend you download this game, as it can provide hours of fun (and some screaming mums!)

There it is!


5 – FIFA 13 – £2.99


All hail FIFA 13! The latest edition of the FIFA games has come to Apple devices.

Manage a team, play quick matches, and compete in the new ‘Ultimate Team’.

Maybe it is not as good as the version on the game consoles, but in comparison, it is much cheaper and just as fun. That is why I ranked it fifth in  my rankings.

The Ultimate Team!


4 – iMovie – £2.99


The Movie making sensation that’s gripping the nation! HAH!

In iMovie, you make your own movies. You can choose from loads of effects, and add in background music from iTunes.

You can be sure to have a laugh with iMovie in hand!

The home screen.


3 – Football Manager 2013 – £6.99


SEGA’s latest footy managing game is epic. I even think that this one is better than the one for the PC.

You have a 30 season career to impress the footballing world with your managing skills.

Coming soon on the secret club – A little cheat for this game!


2 – Video Star – Free


And we’re into the top 2, and in comes Video Star.

This is a great Music Video making app.

It helps you master the technique of mouthing, and you can choose from loads of wicked effects.



1 – Clash Of Clans – Free

You don’t need to know much else about this little beauty.

A worthy number 1, just click HERE to find out loads about your new number 1!


So there it is, it took me in excess of  an hour to complete, but there you go!

Your new top app is…


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