Champions League Final 2013 – Live Blog 2-1 Bayern Munich

Well, that is the end of the Champions League Final 2013, and the final score is Borussia Dortmund 1 – 2 Bayern Munich.

And NOBODY has left Wembley.

Frank Ribery and Danté should both have been sent off, but they weren’t so CONGRATULATIONS TO BAYERN MUNICH!!!

Pep Guardiola will take over next year. Bayern beat his former club, Barcelona, 7-0 on aggregate in the semi finals.

And the Bayern Munich manager on his second last game managing Bayern wins the best league in Europe!

But, you have to feel sorry for Dortmund, who played so well, and came so close. The fans are trying to hide their emotions but inside they are bitterly disappointed.

An 89th minute winner from Arjen Robben has won it!


Bayern free kick!

And Neuer collects the ball…

3 added minutes.

Dortmund forward and hit it but saved by Neuer!

GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! With 90 seconds to go, Robben gets his goal. He went in one on one (again!) and put it in finally. Surely he’s won it?!

And Schweinsteiger hit it but punched away. Corner comes to nothing.

Another Bayern Munich attack comes to nothing.

Borussia Dortmund free kick cleared. 5 minutes of normal time to go.

And Robben whipped it in but it was punched away.

Another 2 crosses cleared. Munich corner.

Bayern keep pressing. 80 minutes gone.

The Dortmund striker hasn’t done much today.

Jerome Boateng down with cramp. Lewandowski stamped on his ankle. Again, lucky to be on the pitch!

Another Bayern attack sorted out.

Ball played through to Müller, but he was pushed. Ball came to Manzukic who hit it to the side netting. Shout for a penalty waved away.

Corner comes to nothing. 14 minutes left.

David Alaba smashed it towards the top corner, great save. Corner!

End to end again.

Robert Lewandowski with a volleyed chip from 40 yards IN, but the ref had blown his whistle. No goal!

Frank Ribery booked for diving.

Great game! 17 minutes left of the 90!

Bayern counter. Müller rounded the goalie. But cleared off the line. Wow!

Dortmund coming back into the game.

Counter attack by Dortmund, but over by Hummels.

In by Gundogan! Slotted into the bottom right corner! Danté is lucky to be on the pitch after his challenge.

Penalty to Dortmund! A clumsy challenge! Kicked in the foot.


Corner to Dortmund. They haven’t stopped after the goal.

Another chance for Bayern but the keeper saved it easily.

1hour gone.

GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! Mario Mandzukic with a tap in. Robben was one on one again, but slid it across for Mandzukic who taps it home. 1-0 to Bayern!

Bayern win a corner. Swung in, flicked on but caught by the Dortmund goalie! All Bayern Munich!

It’s all getting a bit physical here. The ref’s book might start filling up…

Bayern carrying their end-of-first-half momentum through to the second, but Borussia Dortmund stopping everything!

All the attacks being stopped with ease.

It’s end to end stuff! 50 minutes gone.

And the second half kicks off thanks to Borussia Dortmund going from left to right. They are playing Bayern Munich, a fellow German side.

Robben should probably have scored a couple. He is Bayern’s danger man!

Great game. Just put mr brother to bed! 🙂

Half Time 0-0!

Bayern with another chance wide!

Another chance for Robben. AGAIN saved by the Borussia Dortmund keeper but with his face. Ouch!

Dortmund counter attack came to nothing again.

Cross fired in by Bayern. They are taking hold of the game. 5 minutes left of the 1st half!

Still 0-0!

Glancing header from Thomas Müller turned wide. Yoghurt! (Müller yoghurt! Haha)

And again, Robben was through but only won a corner!

And Neuer to the rescue again. He blocked off Lewandowski who was through! 10 minutes til half time!

There’re two balls on the pitch! Sort it out ref!

Bayern free kick put in by Schwinsteiger but miles wide.

Match is now becoming more equal…

Robben was through one on one but the keeper blocked it. Should’ve scored!!! Bayern pressing a bit more!

Half an hour gone.

Neuer collects the ball from the free kick.

First yellow card shown to Bayern man, Danté, for obstruction.

Borussia Dortmund defending a bit more.

Dortmund have 4 attempts on target to Bayern’s 1!!!

Header just over. Munich’s first chances! 27 mins gone.

Onto the bar! Great save to deny Bayern. Corner!

The ref got in the way of a great Dortmund move! Ref! 🙂

Dortmund playing the ball around nicely.

Sven Bender tried a bender for Dortmund but saved AGAIN!!!

Another Dortmund shot saved! Corner cleared. It’s all Dortmund! 20 mins gone!

Cleared but put back in. Blasczchcovski shot and saved again! Corner but cleared.

Vicious strike from Lewandowski but Neuet tipped it wide! Corner!

First shot there by Blasczchcovski for Dortmund (I think that’s how you spell it!) 🙂 Anyway the shot goes over!

Another good Dortmund move breaks down.

Neuer collects. 8 minutes played.

Dortmund win a corner. They are overwhelming Bayern.

Munich have only lost 3 games all season.

It’s a great game, end to end stuff. Bayern bring pressurised, though.

Dortmund are playing physically. They just won a corner but it was cleared!

Bayern started brightly. They’re showing they’re class!

The ref is blowing his whistle. And we’re off!

They’re shaking hands. Not one player on the pitch has won this trophy before!

And out they come, two German teams.

The players are in the tunnel.

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund!

It’s at Wembley!

Hi guys and welcome to another live blog! It’s the biggie!

17 thoughts on “Champions League Final 2013 – Live Blog 2-1 Bayern Munich

  1. A very exciting first half. Robben has had so many great chances. He should have finished off at least one of them.


  2. I am out tonight so this is brilliant to keep me up to date on precedings. Thanks.

    P.s. shouldn’t you be in bed?



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