Goodbye, Golden Oldie

The current ‘Oldest Person In The world‘ and ‘Oldest Man Ever’ has passed away aged 116. Jiroemon Kimura was born on April 19th 1897 and died after undergoing treatment for pneumonia.

Jiroemon Kimura pictured at his home in 2011.


He is Japanese.


The title of oldest living person is now held by another Japanese person, 115-year-old Misao Okawa, of Osaka. Okawa was born March 5, 1898. (She is female…)


The new oldest living man, according to the U.S.-based Gerontology Research Group, is James McCoubrey, and American who was born in Canada on September 13, 1901.

Now 111 years old, he is the 32nd oldest living person according to GRG’s list, which shows all those older than him are women.


The oldest person ever is Jeanne Calment who lived to 122 years, 164 days.



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