Places 2 Go!!!

No, I have never done this on my blog. And no, I don’t really mean to do it again on my blog! So … Yeah!



HATFIELD HOUSE – It is a huge old house made into a courtyard with a restaurant and loads of old fashioned shops! It also has a fantastic playground, a model of the house itself, and a big farm with tractor rides! I love it!



If you love crazy golf and you love dinosaurs, then you’ll love this! A brilliant crazy golf course filled with moving dinosaurs and waterfalls, and with a river twisting through the course, this is really fun!


Far Away From Home:


A brilliant creation; how chocolate was discovered, brought to England, how Cadbury was born, how all the different chocolates are made, and so on. You get given two chocolates each at the start, and then halfway through when you enter the factory, (my favourite part is the factory) you get whatever they are making! You also go on a ride and they have a great adventure playground!




I hope you enjoyed my short guide on three great places to go, and perfect time too, with a week still left of the school holidays!


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