Top Ten Apps 3

Hello, and welcome to the third edition of ‘Top Ten Apps’!


Here we are not actually doing a top ten, but lots of top 3s!


So here we go:



3. NSS – Free

Become a player and find a club, impress, and rise to the top! A simple to use game, but after the 1st ten matches you have to pay to play on!


2. Score! World Goals! – Free

A brilliant game where you recreate goals scored by legends in the past! A very addictive game! Brilliant!


1. FM 2013 Handheld – £6.99

With the 2014 edition still not out, this is still my favourite! Take charge of a team and buy and sell players, chat to the team, and do all sorts of things! Definitely the best managerial game ever!


Other Games:

3. VTT3 – Free

The best Table Tennis game ever! Battle it out in matches, tournaments and online games! Really cool!


2. Robbery Bob – Free

A game where you sneak into people’s houses, and nick their stuff, become a master of disguise or a ninja in the process!


1. Highway Rider – Free

Speed out on your motorcycle and go close to as many vehicles as possible without crashing! When you crash, examine the damage in too much detail!




Non-games apps:


3. Banner Free – Free

Type in text, choose an effect and bam! Create your own moving text noticeboard! Epic!


2. Video Star – Free

Choose a song, then bust your moves or sing like a girl (especially if you are one) whilst adding special effects!


1. iMovie – £2.99

Create your own movie with snapshots, footage and music! Add text and a location to create a news round-up!




9. NSS

8. VTT3

7. Banner Free

6. Robbery Bob

5. Highway Rider

4. Video Star

3. Score! World Goals!

2. iMovie

1. FM 2013 Handheld


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