A Fun Night In

Hiya Guys! Here are my top tips on how to have a great night… IN!!!


Tip 1: Make yourself a den!

Blankets draped over chairs, sheets hung over wardrobes, and pop up tents can all be used. Try to sneak some cushions or pillows, or even some more blankets in, to make yourself comfy! I recommend you try to make the den in a corner, with wardrobes and cupboards nearby, so you already have a wall on two sides. Try to make your entrance not very obvious, so that if anyone wants to kick you out the den, they can’t find you!

Step 2: If accessible, try to smuggle in a music playing device, such as an iPod or a Tablet, or even a radio! If you can and need, bring in a speaker to!

Step 3: Get round some mates! There is no need to build a den and stay there yourself!

Step 4: Get comfy!

Step 5: Turn up the music, and start chatting! Maybe a laptop to watch a movie, or some sort of competition…


I hope you have loads of fun in your dens, and remember, you can do what you want in them! You can make 2-floored dens, and dens outside!

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