The New iPhones – 5S and 5C

Two New iPhones are being announced and one phased out in Apple’s attempt to revive a bad 12 months for the American company!

iPhone 5C

The new, lower-standard iPhone is a new achievement in technology – it’s PLASTIC!

With the new iOS 7 (below), a new, colourful option for an iPhone is now available.

As shown in the video, there is a stylish new cover, too!

This gives many combinations, colours and styles!

If you thought the ‘C’ in iPhone 5C stands for cheap then wait until you hear  the price. It’s cheap for an iPhone but not compared to the wider smartphone  market. It comes it two models – 16 GB and 32 GB – priced at £469 and £549  respectively.

The phone will be released on the 20 September, but can be pre-ordered from today!

iPhone 5S

The stylish, all-new iPhone has some ground-breaking technology, including iOS 7 (below), and the new A7 Chip, plus a new golden finish, but the most incredible technology has to be Touch ID!

Touch ID is the new password. Set up your fingerprint (more than one if you want to), and use it as a password. Touch ID is under the new-look button, and can also be used in apps.

The 16GB iPhone 5S will cost £549. The 32GB flavour will set you back £629, and the 64GB model a whopping £709. How does that compare to the iPhone 5 it replaces?

Well for similar capacity models the iPhone 5 cost 16GB = £529, 32GB = £599,  and 64GB = £699. So, oddly, Apple has added £20 to the basic model, £30 to the middle package, and just a tenner to the top ranked iPhone 5S.

iOS 7

Well, as you saw in that great video, iOS 7 is the new design for iPhone! It fits in perfectly with the new phones, and can be styled in unique ways.

Well, after that insight, I’m sure you know loads more about the new things, but what about something more old???

iPhone 5 Phased Out

The rather unpopular iPhone 5 is to be phased out, after the launch of the new iPhones (above). It sold many at first, but then people took a dislike to it!

The biggest Technology company around? Maybe the best ever? Another fantastic invention from the geniuses in California who create the new software. Want Proof they are in California? Ask Siri where he comes from!

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