Boys and Girls Average Cost to Raise

Boys on average cost £12,000 ($19213, €14245) more to raise than Girls according to The Guardian, and a recent Halifax survey.


Recent studies have shown that boys will cost £12,000 more to raise to the age of 11 than girls! Boys will cost on average £105,963, whilst girls cost only £93,016! The survey puts this down to extra sports kits, and even demolishing of household objects through fighting! But the obvious reason is – appetite! Boys would fling back the fridge door, demolish the contents, then digest half the cupboard without breaking a sweat! Well, at least I do… Whilst a girl will settle for a biscuit to devour!


Generally, boys do need more calories than girls, especially as they get older. A boy at 13 would need only 200 calories more, however at 18, they would need 700 more calories than a girl of the same age, the NHS suggests. Other sources say that boys need more than that, especially active, sporty ones that have huge feet! (If the feet are supposed to smell, then I have all of those talents)!

Some people say that boys need four meals a day. I completely disagree. We need 5!

So, if someone you know has a baby boy, tell them this:

Boys are wonderful.

Boys are fantastic.

Boys eat a lot.

You’ll need a bigger fridge.

But mum! I’m still hungry!!!



4 thoughts on “Boys and Girls Average Cost to Raise

  1. Louis you are meant to be a genius but obviously not as you say that boys need 5 meals a day when they actually need six, 🙂 by the way this joke wasn’t meant to offend you because you are really clever


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