First News – An Insight

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Here we look at the children’s newspaper, First News.

An Overview

First News is the UK’s only newspaper for young people and the widest-read children’s publication in the country with 1,047,543 seven to 14 year olds reading it every week. It is a tabloid, and aims to present current events and politics in a child-friendly format, alongside news on entertainment, sport and computer games. It is published on Fridays.


First News was founded by Sarah & Steve Thomson and launched by Piers Morgan and Editor Nicky Cox MBE in May 2006, with a VIP party at Downing Street and support from many high profile figures including Prince Harry, Sir Richard Branson, the Prime Minister at the time Gordon Brown and David Beckham.


First News won National Newspaper of the Year (weekly) and Niche Market Newspaper of the Year at the Newspaper Awards in April 2012, Newspaper of the Year award from the Plain English Campaign in November 2011 and a Save the Children award for Outstanding Contribution to Children in 2008.

First News Bulletin (11/10/13)

First News +

First News is the first newspaper in the world to become fully digitally interactive on every page – every edition. So, now you can get even more out of your copy of First News – by watching videos, seeing more pictures and getting more information straight off the printed page. To see the future of newspapers this is what you have to do:

1.  Go to iTunes or Google Play and download the FREE First News + app they developed with Aurasma onto a mobile phone or tablet. Do it now!
2. Then click on the app and hover the phone or tablet over the First News + icon (below!), which you’ll find scattered throughout the newspaper.
Whenever you see the First News + icon on a page, you will know there is some digital content to it. Hold your phone or tablet over the page to see what happens. Then double-tap to end it. From now on every page of First News will come to life just like this with more news, videos, more photos, more information, and lots of pop-up surprises. It’s never been easier to enter competitions. Hover your tablet or mobile phone over the page and you can click to enter straight away. You can also do this to vote in polls or take part in surveys, or even answer quiz questions. Excitingly, the news can be kept up-to-the-minute with digital and video content added if our stories develop and unfold, even after the newspaper has gone to press!
You can view the First News website here.

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