Reviews – FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 and Showbiz Gossip

FIFA 14 vs PES 2014

FIFA 14:


It’s that time again, when the two best footie games go head-to-head in the battle for your cash.

We might have to wait for the Xbox One and PS4 version before we see any major improvements to graphics and artificial intelligence of players, but the current version still has a few changes. EA have added the ‘heart’ element from PES (see below) to their game and I have to say have done it slightly better. It’s really cool playing as Charlton Athletic against Spurs in a cup match and hearing the Charlton fans singing: “Premiership, you’re having a laugh”, which creates a realistic atmosphere. Both games feel slower in terms of speed, again to create a more realistic match. In FIFA, the gap  between the small and large teams seem wider this year, and the same goes with the players. For example, Gareth Bale’s movement, accuracy, ball control and overall skills are simply awesome and unstoppable. The Ultimate Team mode is still excellent and this year has been improved, removing the boring task of organising online single matches. You can also apply new chemistry styles to players, for example adding in extra defensive chemistry to boost a defensive player’s game.


PES 2014:

Close Second

This year’s PES is most noticeable different, because Konami have rebuilt the game’s ‘engine’ from scratch.

Konami have really taken the battle to FIFA this year. This marks a new beginning for the popular PES series, with an all-new engine (the programme that runs the game) allowing for the most comprehensive advance for the series since its launch. The new engine powers six key elements, which combine to create something much closer to a real football game. The six new elements include ‘trueball’ technique – how the ball moves and how players use it. First touch and sublime control sets certain players apart from others. One of the most popular new elements to the game was the ‘heart’ element which aims to recreate the  effect of team support for players and the team. So, if a player pulls off a great tackle or pass, the crowd will cheer and give them a little boost. But, if you muck something up, the fans could get on your back and affect a player’s confidence.

Not everyone agrees with the highly rated (9/10) game:

Visually, PES looks better but, on gameplay and detail, FIFA still edges it. PES have added more officially licenced clubs this year through the introduction of the Asian Champions League, yet they can’t compete with FIFA’s detail on players, teams and transfers. The games offer such variety and are different enough from each other to provide hours upon hours of fun and enjoyment.

2014 is really a vintage football games year!

Showbiz Gossip – SHHH!

Shrek Live

Shrek the musical is going on tour! The hit stage show has announced that it will be coming to a swamp near you in 2014. The tour will visit the UK and Ireland, starting in July. Find out more at


JLS have unveiled their last ever single. Billion Lights had its first play on the radio this week and JB tweeted: “Mad Listening to 1st play of our last song on the radio. Brings back mind blowing memories! #BillionLights x.” The single is the last from the band, who will call it a day after their farewell tour in December.

More Harry Potter?

After the announcement that Warner Bros. will be making a film based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, rumours are flying about other potential film projects that are inspired by the world of Harry Potter. Quidditch, the famous wizarding sport, is top of the list and some experts think a Quidditch film is a fantastic idea, and will be very popular. What do you think? What other Harry Potter films do you want to see? Comment now!

First-Look Images

Rio was the hit animation of 2011 and we’re really excited that Rio 2 has been announced for 2014. After finding love in the first film, Blu and Jewel are living happily with their three chicks, when Jewel decided the family need to live like birds in the Amazon rainforest. The film is scheduled for release in April. You can find other film releases coming up HERE!!!


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