The Crazy Title Race Part 1: Goalkeepers

So far, the Barclays Premier League has been shocking. One week you say that everyone will settle down, the next Sunderland defeat Manchester City. Who is the best Goalkeeper in the Premier League?

The top six may not look that way, but the ‘big six’ this season can be considered to be Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham and Manchester United. In this series of posts, we see how the teams match up!

Goalkeeping has become less and less talked about these days, but more and more vital. For a strong title push, you need a consistent and quality goalkeeper. Who has what they need?

6. Wojciech Szczesny:

He has started the season well, but is still inconsistent and a possible liability in the Arsenal defence as the team pushes for a strong title push!


5. David De Gea

The likes of Schmiechel and Van Der Sar have filled the keeper’s shirt at Old Trafford, but this young Spaniard is just not good enough. He is improving rapidly, however, so don’t be surprised to see him get higher up.

de gea

4. Joe Hart

The Manchester City Goalie would be right up there at the top if it wasn’t for a recent run of dismal form!

joe hart

3. Simon Mignolet

The Liverpool hard man is a superstar in the making, with plenty of confidence. He’d be higher if the two above weren’t so fantastic!


2. Petr Cech

Chelsea’s keeper is a rock at the back, consistent like none other and makes very few mistakes! Almost number 1!


1. Hugo Lloris

The French international has saved Spurs countless times! A true hero among Spurs faithful, and deservedly number 1!



Do you think differently? Feel free to share your opinion and comment!

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