The Best iPod Touch Apps Award Nominees

What are the best apps on the iPod? Lets find out!

intro pic

Category 1 – Sports Games

Real Racing 3 – A fantastic racing game, with a huge database of information!

real racing 3

VTT3 – Only the greatest, most realistic table tennis game ever! Three different game modes on three different levels!


Football Manager 2013 Handheld – The best Football Management game! Boss a team all the way to the top!

fm 2013

NSS – Simple, easy, fun! Take a player to the top! Now with a great new update!


FIFA 14 – Free to start, and a £2.99 upgrade, a great game to have hours of fun!

fifa 14

Score! World Goals! – Many many goals to choose from in this great game!



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Category 2 – Sports News

BBC Sport – Very informative with a simple format!

bbc sport

Sky Sports Football Score Centre – Incredibly helpful with a genius notifications system! I recommend it!
sky sports footy sc

ESPN Goals – Showing goals straight after matches, so extremely helpful!

espn goals

BT Sport – Nice format, possibly the nicest, and very reliable news-wise!

bt sport


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Category 3 – Games

Temple Run 2 – I like it and it’s addictive, so what is there not to like?

temle run 2

8 Ball Pool – The Miniclip classic is here as an app! I really like this!

8 ball pool


Jetpack Joyride – So addictive and great fun!

jetpack joyride


Scribblenauts – A very clever game that is worth the £2.99 it charges you!


Subway Surfers – The most addictive game of all!

subway surfer


Flow Free –  A classic, but still incredibly fun!!!

flow free


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Category 4 – Camera and Music

iMovie – The best app for movie making by many miles!



Video Star – Make music videos to challenge any pros!
video star

Doodle Buddy – The app to have for title slides on iMovie!

doodle buddy


eDJing – The free dj app for any DJs!



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Bonus Section – Make an Epic Wallpaper

To make the best Lock Screen:

Use Wallpaper Backgrounds

To make the best Home Screen:

Use Icon Shelf Wallpapers and Icon Glow Wallpapers for iPhone 4

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