We’re One Year Old Now…



That is correct! On 25th November, 2012, I launched blametheblogger, initially as a blog for family and friends!

From then, it got bigger and bigger, from going public to getting Google referrers by the hundred!

blametheblogger has become more than I could ever imagine, and I never thought I’d still be going after a year!

Thanks to WordPress for giving everyone a chance to use their fantastic resources!


To celebrate this remarkable achievement, I would like to announce that…

(drum roll please)


blametheblogger now HAS AN APP!!!

This can currently be found as a web app, not on the app store or google play, and you can find it HERE!!!

You can also choose to launch it on iPhone, but it is not as good as it will be if I manage (and I am working to) get it on the App Store!

But that is surely something to check out, right?


Have fun playing around with it!

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