X Factor Final 2013 – Live Blog


Luke eliminated!

Sam and Nicholas progress!

0901205051__ on landline

65051__ on mobiles

Nicholas – 01

Sam – 02


See you all soon – Luke has gone home!!!

↑↑ I think we all agree! ↑↑

Lines re-opened!!!

The first big decision of the weekend!

Luke is going to have an amazing career. Watch this space!!!

Louis Walsh

What a time he has had on the X Factor 2013 – the first auditionee on TV!!!

Luke is going home!!!

The act through to tomorrow night is… Nicholas


One of Luke and Nicholas is going home!

The first act through to tomorrow night is… SAM


The public have chosen. The acts are ready to receive their fates.

The first night is almost over. Who won’t be here tomorrow?


Next up: Who is going home?

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And now for Mr. Brightside!!!

The classic song sounds great in the huge arena!

Are we humans or are we dancers?


Here comes ‘The Killers’ for a guest performance!


Into the final part!

Only five minutes before one act gets eliminated! Only two lock horns tomorrow night!

Five minute warning!

That was mad!



Johnny Robinson and two shoes as well.


Now for the highlight acts all performing together (the mad ones) fromn every series! Remember Kitty, Wanger and Jedward. And Rylan!

Series 10 has been fantastic!

Everyone has been incredible tonight so far!!!


We love you Mrs O!

Nicole Scherzinger

Sam had another great vocal performance. The only bad thing about her is her age… can she go far in the music industry?

Nicole and Sam’s voices go well together.

And I’m Telling You that they are singing And I’m Telling You!

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Next is Samazing with Shamazing! Sam Bailey  with the one and only – Nicole!


Shane was part of picking Nicholas to go through from Judge’s houses!

Vocals, as ever, pitch perfect from Nicholas!

Nicholas is singing Flying Without Wings with Shane Filan from Westlife!


Ellie and Luke were great! Ellie praised Luke’s confidence!

They didn’t survive!

Ellie Goulding is a huge name in music, and Luke will try to get there too!

Will this be good? Anything could happen! (PS that is the song name)

Firstly, Luke Friend with Ellie Goulding!


Showing X Factor highlights!!!

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Random, but hilarious – Newcastle v Southampton earlier:

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

Steve Friend (Luke’s Dad)

Nicole says it was unique!

He was fantastic! Sharon agrees, and she is so happy he is here. Chorus better than the verse says Gary.

Tonight, he is young!!! We are young by Fun, an interesting song for Luke!


Next up is Luke!!!

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Emotional from nan.

She was class.

Sharon hopes the fans back Sam!

Class Act!

Louis Walsh

Gary says she showcased her voice, and Nicole quotes she sung her pants off! Samazing!

That shook the roof off –  now for the judges.

Now here is Sam Bailey singing Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga! She is absolutely smashing it out there – great song out there, she is turning it into a slow ‘Sam’ song!

nick 1

Nicholas exits the stage after seeing his friend’s ‘Vote Nick’ pants!

And Gary wrote that song…

Sharon congratulates him on reaching the final. Gary criticises his song choice! It ‘doesn’t show off his voice’. Nicole agrees that it was ‘bizarre’! Apparently it was ‘Candy Land’. Louis Walsh states that Gary ‘has no acts’ and asks Scotland to show Gary who is boss!

Here comes Nicholas McDonald with Candy by Robbie Williams!

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This year’s winner gets a PRIZE from Beyonce… they get to go on tour with her!!!!!

The three acts are performing together and believe me… It sounds good!!! Lifted by Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande!

Here come the judges!!! Louis has TWO acts in the final tonight! He might win! Sharon also has an act!


A live audience of over 10,000 here at Wembley!!!


Rough copy were eliminated so now just three battle it out…


From across the UK, thousands auditioned. Now we are down to three!!!

Hello everyone! We are about to kick off! Good luck!!!


See you just before 8 for the kick off!!!

What is everyone singing tonight?

Luke Friend:

We Are Young by Fun

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

DUET: Anything Could Happen with Ellie Goulding

Nicholas McDonald:

Candy by Robbie Williams

Angel by Sarah McLachlan

DUET: Flying Without Wings with Shane Filan

Sam Bailey:

Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga

The Power Of Love by Jennifer Rush

DUET: And I’m Telling You with Nicole Scherzinger

Sam Bailey, Nicholas McDonald and Luke Friend will battle it out tonight…

Hi guys! Welcome to a live blog of… The X Factor Final! Your Saturday night starts right here!!! Remember to keep checking back for updates, and to refresh the page, press the refresh button above! Have a fun night, and if you are out, keep coming back for updates and more!

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