X Factor Final 2013 Results – Live Blog


Sam overcomes Nicholas to win!

Luke Friend comes third!

What a series! See you soon!!!

Sam Bailey has won and all this year’s acts have surrounded her! Mrs O has won on her return to the X Factor.

Sam Bailey’s hit Skyscraper (originally by Demi Lovato) will be in the race for the Christmas Number 1!!!


With tears in her eyes, Sam is wowing the crowd for the last time on the X Factor!

Here we go!

And now for an emotional winner’s single from Sam, the tenth X Factor champion!

If I was going to lose, it would be to Sam!

Nicholas McDonald

I love that boy to pieces!

Sam Bailey on Nicholas McDonald

Sam had over one million votes!

The winner of X Factor 2013 is… SAM BAILEY!!!

The public have spoken. Who is the tenth champion?

Welcome back Nicholas and Sam!

The acts are about to hear their fate. Who will get that music contract, and go on tour with Beyonce?

The atmosphere is electric!

Dermot O’Leary

Here we go…

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Will it be Sam or Nicholas?

The lines have CLOSED for the last time in 2013 – they won’t open


Gary has been a great friend for 20 years!

Sir Elton John


Sir Elton’s voice is still great, considering his age!

And they do sound great together, singing their very own song!

Gary looks like he is having fun!

Lines closing in 5 minutes!!!

Next is Gary Barlow and Sir Elton John!


For me, Sam has to win!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the Leicester match on Tuesday!

Sam Bailey

This is your time.

Sam’s Mum

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Sharon is in hysterical tears! She can’t contain herself, and is lost for words!!!

You are the voice of so many others!

Nicole Sherzinger

It’s a pleasure to be part of your journey!

Gary Barlow


The crowd at Wembley Arena has been fed so much talent – but Sam is absolutely incredible!!!!!!!

Her astounding voice is piercing through everything!!!

Now Sam is going to sing her winners single!

Down to the bottom two!

Nicholas McDonald – It is the TOP two!

That is Nicholas’ last performance on the X Factor 2013!!! The winner’s single! He absolutely smashed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas as a boy:


Congratulations on getting this far!

Sharon Osbourne

Nicholas has pulled out a fantastic performance that should earn him many more well-deserved votes!!!


Please Note: Nicholas is wearing a tartan suit!

The audience are waving bright lights to go with Nicholas’ song!

I’m never gonna make it!

Nicholas McDonald – At his first audition

Nicholas will perform once more next!

Less than 1 hour until results!!!


The stage, however, looks incredible!

Unconditionally  is first up from Katy! She doesn’t sound great either, like One Direction.

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Next up: Katy Perry, pop genius!!!


Gary is leaving tonight, and is saying goodbye by performing with Sir Elton John!!!

Vote for Sam Bailey!

Louis Walsh – Nicholas’ mentor wants everyone to vote for… SAM?!


The noise level in Wembley Arena is off the charts!

After that performance, in my opinion, Sam just HAS to win after that (even though I love Nicholas too)!

She is smashing all the high notes!!!

She is singing ‘The Power of Love’ like her first week!

sam bailey

Here comes Sam!!!

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jaffa cakes

Just got out the biscuit box!!! Settle down with your Jaffa Cakes and enjoy the show!


Next, Sam sings her favourite song she performed in the tenth series of the x factor!!!


The boy grew into a man!!!

Louis Walsh

My Nicky Blue-eyes!!!

Nicole Scherzinger

Seventeen Year Old!!!

Sharon Osbourne

He was fantastic!

Nicholas is singing Angel! He sung that in week 3, in movie week!!!

The pair are singing their favourite song they’ve performed over the series!


Even louder screams for Nicholas!

If one direction didn’t blow the roof off, then the screams after did!!!

It doesn’t sound too good… The sound system or the boy band?


The girls are screaming – here comes 1D!

Next up: Nicholas McDonald and One Direction

sam c1

Please Note: Sam Callahan still can’t sing!!!

Here are the X Factor finalists singing Roar by Katy Perry!


Here come the judges!!!

Tonight performing are 1D, Katy Perry, Gary Barlow and Sir Elton John!

Who will be victorious?

Hiya everyone again! Tonight, Sam and Nicholas will lock horns – who will win the X Factor 2013? This year’s final has been called the ‘worst’, but these two have TALENT! The whole of Scotland will be backing Nicholas, but Sam has girl power on her side! Who will be victorious?

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