Music Review Part 1: Stay the Night

Zedd’s new tune with Hayley Williams has taken off, but is it worth it?

Zedd’s track has really taken off in the UK, finding itself second in the charts before dropping three places. It features Hayley Williams, an American singer and songwriter.

More About Zedd

Zedd is a German DJ who began producing electronic music in 2009. He has produced remixes of artists such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas.

More About Hayley Williams

Hayley is a singer/songwriter and the lead vocalist of the band Paramore. She also featured in the song Airplanes (2010) which flew (geddit?) into no.1 on the UK charts!

The song was released in America in September 2013, but wasn’t released in the UK until February 2014! It only reached no.18 in the US compared to no.11 in Australia and no.2 in the UK!!!

But what is most important is that it is a fantastic record, great or people who like pop and dance music. I really recommend it, and is a great tune to burst out during parties to make sure people stay the night. (OK, that one was REALLY bad!)

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Part two featuring ‘Timber’ is coming soon!

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