Guest Post: iPad Air Review

Here is another Guest Post, this time by Noor! Thanks for the posting!

be my guest

Hello everyone! My name is Noor from Adventures of a Wonder Kid. Before I start anything I want to thank blametheblogger for letting me guest post here today.

I recently got the iPad Air for the holidays and it is AMAZING! So I thought, hmmmm… since blametheblogger has an awesome Technology Page, I should review something to do with technology. My first choice was my brand new iPad Air.


I like to start with the negatives because to me, what you hear last is what sticks in your mind. I honestly wasn’t very thrilled with the new IOS 7. Sure it looks cool but is kind of hard to use. My mom bought the iPhone 5 in May 2013 and when we updated to IOS 7, she found her iPhone very hard to use. If you are a beginner with technology or are buying for a grandparent, the iPad Air may not be the best choice unless you are a great teacher. There is also one other problem I have with the iPad Air and IOS 7. This isn’t a huge problem but kind of is. Assistive Touch is too big. It covers up a lot of the stuff I’m trying to work on. I move it but it gets worse. If you don’t know Assistive Touch is don’t worry about this factor.


There are a lot of positives with the iPad Air but I am just going to give three of my favorites. One of them is Photo Booth. I love, love, love messing around with it and sharing my weird pictures with friends. Another new feature I like is that Safari is super fast. Its works really nicely and my dad (who thinks Safari on iPod and iPhone is too small) loves using it on the big screened iPad. My final favorite feature is the new Pages app. Pages is basically Word for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It’s super easy and I would suggest it for college students.

Final Rating: 9/10

Thank you so much for having me here today and I hope readers will check out my blog.

No, thank you Noor!

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