Clash of Clans: The Best Game Ever?

Clash of Clans, by Supercell, the top grossing game on Apple devices, is possibly the most addictive I’ve ever playedHere is a bit about me on CoC!


(Info as of 6pm 7/4/14)

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about me on Clash of Clans:

Name: Gouis23

Level: 52

Status: Farming

Farming Range: 1000-1200

Trophies: 1098

Town Hall Level: 7

Clan Castle Level: 3

Walls Level: Level 5-6


Now a bit about my clan:

Name: Kinship Descent

Members: 43

Total Points: 13435

Type: Invite Only

Trophies Required: 1200 (but exceptions are made)

My Status: Co – Leader (Currently standing in as Leader)
Leader: Neon72 (Level 106)

Co-Leaders: Simon the Great (Level 84), Gouis23 (Level 52), Matt (Level 63)

We are a friendly clan and I’d love it if you guys join. In a request to join just point out that you saw my clan on blametheblogger!!!


My Farming Attack Strategy:

4 Giants lvl 4

5 Wall Breakers lvl 4

45 Archers lvl 4

125 Goblins lvl 4

Rage Spells lvl 3(Up to three, if needed)


Coming Soon: Clan Wars

Everybody is excited about the new feature coming soon; clan vs clan!

The update is allegedly coming this week, but other sources say in about 15 days time it will come out!

If you don’t play clash of clans, but you love playing games, then this game is FOR YOU!
However, if you aren’t much of a gamer, then … well … you are really missing out!

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