If You Can’t Beat Them… Just Eat Them!!!

A man walks into a bar… the start to every bad joke. But then, what DOESN’T happen next is:

He picks up the menu, puts it down again, and points at three of the waiters:

“I’ll have some of him, some of him and some of him”.

Well, if it’s Luis Suarez we’re talking about, then it’s not beyond him!

And it must surely be a bad joke to Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, who will be without his striker for nine games in the Premier league, including a tricky trip to Man City and a Merseyside derby, plus champions league games and cup games, after he was banned from all football activity for four months.

He was also banned for nine international matches and fined over£65,000 for what is clearly a massive misconduct.

Not only did he do it once.

He didn’t even stop at two.

Three times did Luis Suarez bite an opponent.

First, for Ajax, he chewed up Otman Bakkal – starters.

Then, he gorged on Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic for Liverpool, landing a ten game ban in the process – Mains.

And now, during Uruguay’s highly charged fixture against Italy, he allegedly took a chunk out of Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder! – Dessert!!!

Football officials are in no doubt of his guilt, though his previous offences (CLICK HERE) may have had an effect!

No question about it, Luis Suarez is a dirty cheat. Even as a Liverpool fan, I think that.



Should FIFA punished Suarez at club level? In my opinion, no. He should have been banned FOR LIFE from international football, been fined a hefty fine, but his actions at international level should not make a difference to his club.

Any sanctions he receives in England should be managed by Liverpool Football Club.

In my opinion, the reds should fine him, possibly take some money off his contract, and maybe ban him from the first team.

But FIFA have banned him for them. Personally, I think this is wrong.


Finally, will Luis Suarez remain a Liverpool player? Yes.

Which club wants a player which cannot play until very late October, has a terrible disciplinary record, and could bring massive pressure to the club?

But why should Liverpool want him either?

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