Leaving Primary School

It’s a weird sensation, being school-less. When you’ve left school and are about to go to a new one, when you’ve no idea what the future will hold…

dr seuss

On one hand, you are sad about leaving your Primary School. Maybe you feel ready to leave, but will miss it. Or maybe you feel liberated the moment you step out the front gate. Or maybe you want to stay with what you feel comfortable with, what you’re used to. It can be emotional or it can even be worrying. Anyway, you will always feel at least a flicker of sadness and a flicker of apprehension for the future.

leaving school

On the other hand, you are thinking about Secondary school. A new challenge, a new adventure, a new journey. Maybe more independence and more freedom, or more fun and more interesting. Or perhaps you are worried, about getting lost, about being the new kids. You will always go from being the oldest to the youngest and it WILL feel strange.


And then you have the time in between. Maybe a time to relax, to calm down from the bustle of school life. Or maybe you worry about a few weeks time, when you are starting school. Or maybe you force it out of your mind, enjoy the holidays and rest and don’t let anything concern you.

summer holiday

Whatever you do, however you feel, it’s a tough time, an emotional time, but the most important time of your life so far.

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6 thoughts on “Leaving Primary School

  1. You’ve described how almost every student leaving primary school feels to perfection. Although some choose to show their feelings while others like to keep to themselves they’re all thinking something along those lines. Enjoy your summer and enjoy secondary school but never forgot the moments you had in primary school.



  2. You’ve captured it brilliantly gouis! Now it’s time to chill, holiday, try out the tube and eat lots of sushi!


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