Sushi – The Delight of all Delights

It’s the delight of all delights. It is delicious, delectable and dreamy.


History of Sushi

The history of sushi began in South East Asia as a way of preserving fish. It then spread to China and then Japan around the 8th Century. Soon, they started to eat the rice as well, and eat it when the fish was fresh. This now became a new food in Japanese culture, not just a way of preservation.

During the 19th Century, in the markets of Tokyo (formerly Edo), a new type of sushi, nigiri sushi, was introduced, which is a blob of rice with a slice of fish draped over it. It is still immensely popular today!

Today, the ‘Sushi’ renowned internationally is actually a type of fast food invented by Hanaya Yohei, in modern-day Tokyo.

The first mention of sushi in the West was in Britain, in an 1873 Japan-English Dictionary. Prince Akihito of Japan served sushi in the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC in 1953.

Sushi was first introduced into the USA in the mid-1960s, by the Kawafuku restaurant in LA. The ‘California Roll’ was also invented in LA.


Sushi in Britain Today

Today in Britain sushi is very popular for Asian and British people, and there are now many well known sellers of sushi, such as Yo Sushi and Hi Sushi. Not all Sushi restaurants start with a greeting, though. There is no such thing as GoodMorning Sushi or NicetoMeetYou Sushi.


My Favourite Sushi

My favourite types of sushi are:

Salnmon and Avocado



I also like edamame…


Sushi Art

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