Earth to Echo Review

My Overall Rating: 6.5/10


Although I really enjoyed the film, I do have to be critical of it. On the whole, it was a good film but some aspects weren’t too good.

  • The start:
    I hadn’t realised it was the start of the film. I just thought it was another advert or maybe one of those mini-movies you see before the real film starts.
  • The style:
    The whole feel of the film was unorthodox, and compared to other films it felt very modern. I guess this will be the future style of all films, however, nowadays it just didn’t feel right.
  • The characters:
    It felt like the main characters were the three boys, as supposed to Echo himself. As this was the case, why was the film called ‘Earth to ECHO’ as supposed to ‘TUCK, MUNCH AND ALEX meet ECHO’???
  • The ending:
  • It’s hard to crack… It could be happy or sad, but it has very little action right at the end and whilst it doesn’t make you smile and  feel relieved, it doesn’t make you shed a tear either.
  • The rating:
    OK, this isn’t the fault of the makers (or the fault in our stars. It’s earth to echo, remember?) but the rating (PG) seems a little weird. Firstly, if I was a parent, I wouldn’t bring kids under 10 to see it, and certainly wouldn’t let kids younger than 11 or 12 go and see it by themselves. I would say it’s a ’11’ if I could, but since that rating doesn’t exist, I would put it closer to a 12 than a PG, and definitely not the same rating as Despicable Me!

On the other hand…

  • The plot is fantastic! It is up and down, adventurous, cunning and fascinating to watch. Edge of your seat stuff!
  • Once you understand the beginning, it’s very heart-warming.
  • It appeals to many! The extra-terrestrial movie fans, the ones who love technology, the emotional lovers and the brave and adventurous.
  • The way it comes across as being filmed from a camcorder is ambitious but the makers pulled it off expertly and it made the film a lot more interesting.

It’s a good film, but if you were deciding between two films to watch, this wouldn’t be my pick! Coming out of the cinema I felt bewildered and a little let-down after what promised to be a thrilling film turned out to disappoint in the end.


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