FIFA 15 Preview Revealed!

It seems like only yesterday that FIFA 14 came out, but now, one year on, I’m here to enlighten you about what details have been confirmed by EA Sports. Here is FIFA 15 Preview Revealed!


Before I hand you over to some videos about the new game, let me reveal some information.

First of all, though this probably has no interest to you there are new Italian commentators!

Secondly, agility and control is improved. New features enable you to keep the ball in a sprint.

Also, battles for the ball are more realistic and more physical, and winning the ball is harder but more rewarding. You can now shoulder barge and  shirt pulling is more visible. You can also control and position players during set pieces for where you want to cross the ball.

As well as that, player visuals are improved with facial reactions and hair movement! Kits move and can become more muddy and grassy as the game progresses.

And another great new feature: Living Pitch! Bookmarks can be seen, surfaces will break down through the match and will reflect battles on the pitch, footprints, debris and slide tackles will all be visible. Corner flags now move!  And goal frames shake from epic strikes!

Emotional Intelligence is improved, with over 600 new facial reactions, so players now respond to events on the pitch.

Now, fans cheer similar to their real fans, eg, boca juniors fans aren’t similar to arsenal fans! Commentators will now talk about fans too!

And for a quick break from the excitement, here is a quick peek at the global cover:


ALL 20 PREMIER LEAGUE STADIUMS now feature in the game!

Over 200 players have had head scans so they look better in the game!


And last but not least, there is GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY!!!


Finally, although this probably won’t affect you either, the Turkish Super League is now in the game!

Now, as I promised, some videos… Be sure to look at all six videos in the playlist! By pressing the button in the top left of the video!

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