Match Attax 2014/15

A few months ago, I vowed not to collect the addictive Topps football cards, and leave it to my brother

But inevitably I’m now hooked. Me and my brother are collecting them for another season! There have been some interesting additions this season – the duo cards, the record breaker cards, and the tactic cards. These replace the manager cards and referee card. I was kind of surprised to see all the changes made by Topps but I am quite impressed with them.

cesc limited

Here is some exclusive inside info for the limited edition cards:

They are now available in packs in shops!

In a special edition of MOTD magazine on sale this month is a limited edition card.

In Coco Pops boxes in Budgens and Spar between November 6th and December 7th there is a rare limited edition card.

In the starter pack there is a limited edition, and there is also one in the tins and multipacks!


Pictured above is the 101-101 card – the best card in the game. This year it is of Daniel Sturridge. Today, in a pack from WHSmith, I got him! I also have David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Eric Cantona and Petr Cech record breaker cards.

This is a great collection made by Topps and I am really enjoying collecting them!

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5 thoughts on “Match Attax 2014/15

  1. Wow I can’t believe you got Daniel Sturridge!
    I got Andy Cole, both Wayne Rooneys, Petr
    Cech and Sol Campbell record beakers. I also
    got Ballotelli double!


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