Game Of The Year 2014 Contenders

It’s back! The app of the year has been replaced by the game of the year, but it is still as exciting as before! Here are the contenders:


This year it’s wide open for the winners, and here are the contenders with a few ‘top trump’ facts!

Clash of Clans


Strategy game where you build a village and fend off invaders to develop and improve your base.

Addictiveness: 8

Fun: 8

Usability: 9

Storyline: 10

Popularity: 10

Difficulty: Medium



A game never featured on blametheblogger, but it is definitely a fantastic game.

Addictiveness: 9

Fun: 7

Usability: 8

Storyline: 7

Popularity: 8

Difficulty: Very Hard

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

fifa ut

EA Sports have struck gold by making this app free for all, and it is a very good app indeed!

Addictiveness: 7

Fun: 8

Usability: 8

Storyline: 7

Popularity: 9

Difficulty: Medium

Don’t Touch The Spikes


Fiendishly addictive game from Ketchapp!

Addictiveness: 10

Fun: 8

Usability: 10

Storyline: 6

Popularity: 8

Difficulty: Easy – Medium



A return for the fun football game!

Addictiveness: 9

Fun: 9

Usability: 9

Storyline: 9

Popularity: 9

Difficulty: Medium

So, what is your opinion on category 1? Vote in the poll below or by e-mailing to, putting your vote in the subject line!

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