How to Make the Game ‘Risk’ Much More Exciting

The game of Risk is a very popular game,  and rightfully so.  There are so many ways to play,  countless different outcomes and so many options and choices.  But I have devised a tweaked set of rules to make the game more thrilling,  fun and competitive. Here it is – Risk World War.


for 3-5 players

Simple,  you place troops in a territory to control it.  At the start of every turn you get troops to place into territories on the board. Use your troops to attack other players and conquer their territories. At the end of your turn,  manoeuvre your troops to defend your territories from other attackers. To win,  control the whole world!

The map is divided into 42 territories that are connected to each other by a border or sea-line. During the game,  troops attack the enemies across these lines.

The territories are grouped together in six continents of different colours: North America (yellow),  South America (red), Europe (blue), Africa (brown),  Asia (green) and Australia (purple).

The more successful you are,  the more troops you can place on the board. There are three types of troop: Infantry (worth 1 troop),  Cavalry (worth 5 troops) and Artillery (worth 10 troops).

The attacking player rolls the three black dice and the defending player rolls the two red dice.

board and dice

1. Each player takes an army of one colour,  and places it in piles of type nearby to form an off-board pile.
2. Roll a dice each to decide who is going first.  Play continues clockwise.
3. Shuffle the cards (excluding the reference cards and cease-fire card) and deal them out between the players. In a 4 or 5 player game,  there are two extra cards,  give these to the 2 players going last. These cards are your starting territories.
4. Count out a certain amount of troops (50 for a three player game, 40 for 4 and 30 for 5) from your pile to place on your territories. Make sure you leave no territory unoccupied. Leave the other troops in the off-board pile, to use later.

Remember,  your aim is to control the whole board,  every single territory.

On each turn:

1. Attack up to three times
2. Manoeuvre your troops to prepare for a possible defence.


Attacking is the main part of your turn. You can attack up to three times,  or none at all.  It’s all up to you.

Pick a territory you control,  and attack an enemy territory that is connected to it by a border or a sea-line. You can only attack one territory at a time, but you can attack from any of your own territories connected to the defending territory, by a border, sea-line or by another of your own territories.
Take the number of troops you want to attack with and send them into the territory you are attacking. You can attack with as many troops as you can, but you must keep at least one troop in each territory.
The defender can defend with all the troops in the defending territory, and doesn’t need to leave one out.
Now you have the troops who are attacking and defending.
The attacker rolls one black dice for each attacking troop (if there are more than three only three dice can be rolled). The defender does the same with the red dice.
Pair up the dice from highest to lowest. Then for each pair, if the attacking dice is higher, remove one defending troop. If the defending dice is higher or the same as the attacking dice, remove an attacking troop.
In some cases, the amount of each dice rolled is not equal. If this happens, only pair up the highest dice only.
Repeat this until only one colour of troops is left in the territory. This army has won! The territory’s card is given to the new owner.
Now you can attack again if you choose. Just follow the rules!
If you lose your last territory, then bad luck, your out of the game!


Once you decide you have finished attacking, you get a chance to move your troops into a better position. You’ll probably want to put them into a defensive position while other players take their turn. Take as many troops as you want from a territory and move them to another one of your territories that is connected by a border or sea-line. Connected meaning a chain of territories that you control. You cannot cross enemy lines to move troops.

Once every player has had a turn, you get the opportunity to add more troops onto any of your territories, from your off-board pile. There are two ways to get more troops.
Firstly, if you have more than 12 territories then you can get extra troops. The exact amount is on the chart on the top left of the board.
Also, if you control a whole continent then you can get troops. The amounts appear beside each continent on the board, in the rectangle.
Do this after every round of turns.

You can lose in two ways –
If you have lost all your territories or if you have just one troop in each of your territories.
To win you have to take full control of the whole board, or be the last person left in the game!


And that is my way of playing RISK! Enjoy!

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