Game of the Year Winners

It was very close, but after the voting, the results are in. The 5 contenders have been ranked from 5th to 1st…


5th: FIFA 15

Scoring 39/50 points, and with no votes, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team comes in at last place!

fifa ut

4th: Retry

Scoring the same as FIFA, but receiving 20% of the votes, Retry is in 4th!


3rd: NSS

With 20% of the votes and 45/50, NSS receives the bronze medal!


2nd: Clash of Clans

With 45/50 scored and also 20% of the votes, Clash of Clans is second.


And, despite being scored only 42/50, it recieved a huge 40% of votes, so;


gold medal

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