Heroes vs Celebrations: The Ultimate Chocolatey Battle!

It’s the question on every choccy addict’s lips – what’s better, heroes or celebrations? The cacophony of Cadbury’s confectionery or the out-of-this-world Galaxy – Mars combo? It’s a huge question and one that I hope to answer once and for all. Heroes or Celebrations?


Many people have attempted to answer this question…


…But have provided no defining answer. Until now. Battle one: Dairy Milk vs Galaxy!!!

dm v g

Oooh, the question of all questions! There isn’t much to separate these two, but the nation’s favourite is Dairy Milk. Galaxy is smooth and luscious, but there is no sensation quite like biting into a cracking bar of Dairy Milk. A tight victory for Cadbury’s!


A victory for Cadbury’s in round one, although it was close. Time for Battle Two: Dairy Milk Caramel vs Galaxy Caramel!!!


Dairy Milk won the last round, but the addition of caramel makes things interesting! Galaxy Caramel is just so lovely and satisfying! Dairy Milk Caramel is also nice, but isn’t quite the same. The caramelliness wins it for Mars here!


So the scores are level! Sugary delights don’t stop there, though. Battle 3: Creme Egg Twisted vs Mars!!!


This is the battle of oozy loveliness! On one hand, you have the sugary tastiness of a Creme Egg, but on the other, the delectable Nougat and caramelliness of Mars Bar. We saw in the last round how good Mars’ caramel is, and it strikes again – just too much for it’s Cadbury’s counterparts! Mars take an early lead!


Mars and their celebrations have overtaken the Cadbury heroes! Drama! What will happen next in Battle 4: Eclair vs Twix!!!


This is a question of love it or hate it, I think. Personally, I am not a fan of Eclairs, or Twix, but I can’t see the attractions of an Eclair if there is a Twix available to eat. A close battle, but Twix has to take the title this time!


So the celebrations extend their lead! But it’s not over yet. Cadbury’s Heroes can peg it back! It’s time for Battle 5: Toblerone vs Snickers


It’s another tight battle between two chocolates! The downside of Toblerone is that it’s only available at Christmas time, but that doesn’t take away the loveliness of it! Triangular magic triumphs! Heroes pull one back!


So Cadbury’s aren’t out of this yet! It still hangs in the balance, it’s too hard to call! Battle 6: Twirl vs Bounty!!!


This one isn’t so close! Bounty has always been a liability for Mars and it’s weaknesses are apparent against twirl! Coconut – and chocolate? No go, if you ask me! And Twirls are just so lovely and — twirly! An easy victory for Heroes!


And look at that! Cadbury’s have pulled level! It’s getting tense before the last two battles… Battle 7: Wispa vs Malteser Teasers!!!


Oooh! A close one! Malteser Teasers are so delectably crispy and chocolatey and Wispa is a classic, smooth and almost creamy! Very hard to call, but I would prefer to eat a bar of the Malteser stuff as supposed to the (still delicious) Wispa!


Advantage Celebrations! The final battle will decide it – will Heroes rescue a late draw? Battle 8: Fudge vs Milky Way!!!


So here it is. Down to probably the least famous bars in each tub of delights. Fudge – Quite hard, not the nicest experience to eat. Milky Way – Quite marshmallowy, fluffy texture, quite tasty actually. You see where this is going… MILKY WAY WINS AND GRANTS MARS THE TITLE!!!



To conclude: Hopefully this post has answered all your questions. This has provided the answer that everyone was looking for – celebrations are better than heroes. Cadbury’s, the nations favourite, has not managed to triumph over Mars’ celebrations! But, if still in doubt…

Just get a box of Quality Streets!!!

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11 thoughts on “Heroes vs Celebrations: The Ultimate Chocolatey Battle!

  1. I have a lot of experience with chocolate i agree with you on every case except the simply outrageous decision to chose twix over éclair. Insanity!!!!!!


  2. Heroes vs celebrations
    Eclairs, twirls and toberones vs snickers, bounty and malteasers…
    !!!!!!!!I can’t decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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