Are My Dreams Trying To Tell Me Something? and More Big Questions Answered

Before, I answered some of the biggest and maddest questions man has ever come up with, and now I’ll answer some more! Have you ever wondered if your dreams have a message, if dolphins can talk to each other and what will happen if all the ice melts? You’ve come to the right place!


Are my dreams trying to tell me something?

It is estimated that you dream on average for two hours every night. It is, however, not clear why dreams are dreamt or where they come from. No-one has proved that dreams have a meaning.

Some experts think the subjects of your dreams are associated with your deepest wishes and emotions. Others think that dreams are just random pictures in your head that your brain tries to make sense of. It seems that the things you dream about are important to you.

Some dreams are common to lots of people and experts believe that they have a possible meaning. Have you had any of these dreams?

~ Being naked in a dream. This might mean that you are embarrassed about something in real life, or that you have a secret you don’t want to be revealed.

~ Falling is a sign that you feel out of control or that you’ve failed in something. Often people will wake with a jerk from a falling dream.

~ Exam dreams show that you are being tested in some way. If it is going badly it could indicate that you feel you aren’t fitting in.

~ Flying in a dream means you feel on top of things, unless you are flying out of control!

~ Being chased in a dream could indicate that you are avoiding or running away from your problems in life, instead of trying to solve them.

To answer in short, are dreams trying to tell you something? Yes. They are telling you about your emotions and worries that you don’t have time for in your busy life.


Do dolphins talk to each other?

Dolphins do COMMUNICATE with each other, using two sounds, clicks and whistles. These sounds mostly can’t be heard by humans.

Dolphins use clicks to locate something. It uses echolocation to form a sound map in it’s head.

Dolphins use whistles to identify others and call out to them. Each dolphin has their own signature whistle, but they can also imitate other whistles, to call out for attention. The whistles are very similar to that of the dolphin’s mother.

Scientists have discovered dolphins can communicate the location of food and danger. These messages can be passed to everyone in the pod, from one dolphin to another. Dolphins can also pass on more complicated messages, and some trained dolphins can understand basic sign language.

No solid proof has emerged that dolphins can converse with each other, but the studies keep advancing. Maybe one day scientists will even be able to talk back to the dolphin!

Out of Ice.

What will happen if all the ice in the world melts?

65% to 70% of the world’s water is currently held in ice. As this ice melts, water flows into the oceans and water levels rise. But what will happen if everything melts?

Scientists agree that the Earth is heating up. Over the next 100 years, most of the world’s mountain glaciers will disappear. However, when this happens the level of the world’s seas will only rise by about half a metre.

It is also predicted by a few scientists that in 60 years time, there will be no ice at the North Pole in the summer months. This will have a huge effect ¬†on wildlife. What’s more, it is thought that just a 2 degree rise will cause most of the ice to melt in the Arctic. However, if the Arctic melted, water levels will pretty much stay the same, like ice cubes in a glass of water.

Antarctica is more of a concern. If the ice there melted, it would all pour into the sea raising water levels worldwide by up to 60 metres. This would cause most of the world’s major cities to disappear under water, not to mention vast other areas of land. Fortunately, experts believe this is unlikely to happen for tens of thousands of years.

However, if Greenland melts, the sea would rise by 7 metres. This could threaten cities like London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney and Tokyo, to mention a few. But don’t panic, whilst some of Greenland is melting, others appear to be getting thicker!

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