Top Ten Sweet Flavours

I haven’t written a food post for a while and I thought; Why, if I like food so much, do I not write more about it? So here it is: My Top 10 Sweet Flavours! Yum!!!

10. Watermelon

Watermelon is by far my favourite melon! It is so refreshing and gorgeous – but only have it when it’s in season. A bad watermelon is just horrible…

9. Blood Orange

Blood oranges have such a nice tangy flavour. But the best thing about them is in drinks! If you haven’t already (if you have, well done), you need to try San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange. It is really really really nice… 😃

8. Marshmallow

It’s a classic flavour, I know, but sometimes you just can’t say no to the bouncy, springy loveliness of marshmallow. And if you see marshmallow fluff in shops, then you have to get it. And that’s an order!

7. Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough. Aaaah. Loooooooveleeeeeeee. But seriously, cookie dough is not only a delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but it is also nice on its own. But as all respectable people know, you cannot have cookie dough without chocolate chips. Now THAT would be just wrong!

6. Passion Fruit

A fruit? At number 6? Out of all the sugary delights that could be chosen, a fruit is at number 6? Who made this list? Oh yeah – me. The truth is, passion fruit is here not for its fruitiness, but for the fact that it can change into anything and still be lovely: passion fruit ice cream, passion fruit soufflé, passion fruit… Tic Tacs! Errrrr… Maybe not…

5. Nutella

Yep, I know what you’re thinking. Why is Nutella so far away from 1st? Well, despite its loveliness, I’m afraid it’s not quite up to scratch to make the top 4. Like Spurs! 🙂 ( very sorry, I had to make that joke… )

4. Chocolate Orange

Yes, yes, that picture isn’t really what I’m thinking of. And neither is that stuff that Terry makes. It’s the foolproof combo that does it for me. Sweets, cake and I’ve even seen fudge with this combination! You just can’t go wrong with chocolate orange. (Do I sound like one of those annoying people in adverts?)

3. Meringue

The only annoying thing is: how DO you spell it? It is crispy an crunchy on the outside, and creamy and wobbly on the inside. Have you ever seen one of those huge ones? Yum!

2. Banoffee

The oozy caramel and the soft light cream go so well with the banana! This is so delicious and is a genius combination! And it’s not just the pie, but the pie is incredible! Whoever invented banoffee, I salute you!

1. Salted Caramel

You just can’t beat it! Salted caramel ice cream – divine! Salted caramels – delectable! Salted Caramel hot chocolate (had this recently) – delicious! It is an amazing combination and there was never any doubt (in my mind, at least) that this sensation would prove the winner! Congratulations to Salted Caramel!

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Sweet Flavours

  1. I’m afraid I am! Kane and Lamela = Wasted talent. They only got put on in the last 15 mins! 1-1 is appalling, especially with them getting an away goal which might knock us out. Great view, but sitting right on top of the Away fans who are very noisy (understatement) and keep making that high-pitched hissing sound. Good for you BadOnTelly, but you can’t beat the form of Kane.


      1. They weren’t bad at all a while ago! I’ve even got their autographs! Why would ANYBODY want to support Liverpool?


      2. That might be so but look at liverpool at the moment! Tottenham have won 13 points from the final five minutes of matches – a Premier League high. we are more successful at the moment!


  2. Like Spurs! 🙂 ( very sorry, I had to make that joke… ) – What???!!! who’s one point ahead Liverpool in the premier league?!You cannnot compare BadOnTelly, Sturridge and peeps to likes of Lamela,Kane and Eriksen, and we’ll prove it on Thursday against Florentina – I am going, yay! Oh yeah, who beat Arsenal in an epic London Derby and also Chelsea? And, as for the salted caramel at first place – what about duck?! Salted caramel is nothing compared to Crispy Duck…


      1. AH! We let him score to GIVE HIM A CHANCE! He never celebrated because he knew all to well… Anyway Kane is way better than BadOnTelly, Sturridge, Coutinho and Sterling all put together! And…. HE’S ONE OF OUR OWN! Now, there’s a QUALITY England striker for you. You can’t Argue with me on THAT!
        Watch out florentina, Kane and co. are coming for you! P.S. I need to be at a Liverpool vs Spurs match – I have not seen Spurs loose yet when I’ve been to the 3 POINTS Lane! (white hart lane) And have u heard about Suarez’s new ban? Typical Liverpool/ Former Liverpool Players! COUS COYS!


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