Their Behaviour Has No Place In Our Game

I was horrified and shocked to hear the behaviour of some Chelsea fans on the Paris Metro on Tuesday Evening.


A group of Chelsea fans, travelling to a football match against Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League, appeared to shout abusive chants at a black man trying to board the Metro, and then seemed to push him off twice. A film of the incident was given to the Guardian newspaper who published the story and shocked the world.

If there were a group of Parisian fans on the London Underground travelling to a game at Stamford Bridge and they did the same to a commuter in London, think what the reaction would be! The police and Chelsea said they would be taking the event very seriously, and that the offenders would face bans and possibly a prison sentence.

I feel a ban is not good enough. It needs to be a lifelong ban, possibly from all stadiums. The fans deserve their punishments for tarnishing the reputation of the beautiful game.


Football brings people together, and unites people. Think about what happened in the trenches over 100 years ago; the Christmas Truce. For over 150 years, English football has been inspiring and entertaining for the young and old. We can’t let these people change that.

They aren’t true football fans. They are people associated with a team (who have plenty of players who are foreign), but they aren’t fans. Football fans live and breathe for the game, and would never do anything to tarnish it. Anyone accused of this horrible crime deserves punishment for ruining our sport.

This isn’t the only case about racism in football. Football and racism should not be in the same sentence.

Football means the same in every language. Just because it is spelt differently, doesn’t give us any right to question it. It’s not about your appearance. Football is about who you are inside, which team you are loyal to, and most importantly, what you can do with your feet.

Pele, the best player ever to play football.


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3 thoughts on “Their Behaviour Has No Place In Our Game

  1. People like them (the horrible Chelsea fans who pushed the man off the train) have no right to get away with something like that. Football is my life and football fans belong in a worldwide community of all different people.


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