Incredible Exclusive: McDonald’s Plan Launch of Fast Food Spacecraft – April Fools Day Special

In an unprecedented advance in technology, The McDonald’s Corporation has announced the planned launch of a fast food spacecraft into orbit, named McMilky Way. 

McDonald 1

The fast food chain has gone global in recent years but that is seemingly not enough for them! Steve Easterbrook, President and CEO, today released an exclusive statement to say;

This project has been in the making for years now. We are delighted to get the green light from NASA and will be working vigorously towards making this dream reality.

The plan is to launch a shuttle, quite like the ISS [International Space Station] with a restaurant-style interior. This will be supplied by daily food-bearing rockets launched from our HQ in Texas.

We plan to launch in conjunction with the space holiday programmes being devised by NASA to give space travelers our wonderful, efficient dining experience universally.

We will expand from the moon out towards Mars and will hope to have sun-baked burgers with you in the year 2094 . This is a long-term project which will revolutionise the way we eat, explore and enjoy life on this planet and on  others.

The first branch of the McMilky Way project is expected to be here in the year 2047. Until then, for intergalactic cuisine, you’ll have to settle for a Mars Bar!

The news has been met with delight from astronauts and fast-food addicts, and it is predicted that soon the whole world will catch the McMilky Way fever and will be queuing up to book an anti-gravity table.

Is this what the wonderful plan will look like?
Is this what the wonderful plan will look like?

Even celebrities have had their say! Popstar Bruno Mars said:

I myself am a huge McDonald’s fan, and am delighted by this advance in fast food technology.

The Voice UK judge Sir Tom Jones had this to say:

I like McDonald’s. It was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald. You know, I met them once…


McDonald 3

The above picture has been released by the Lunar Health Foundation. Spokesman David Johnson today said:

We can’t let this company barge onto the scene on our moon and poison the craters with it’s disgusting and unhealthy products! This plan is a catastrophe waiting to happen. I strongly believe that if we introduce our alien friends to any type of human food, it should be a fresh, healthy salad with a low fat dressing from Tesco.

This project has mixed views but it is clear to see that though Russia got the first man in orbit, America are to have the first fast food restaurant hurtling around our planet – surely a much bigger feat!

McDonald 4

Happy April Fool's Day!

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