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It’s been a while since I last wrote a post about apps, and I’ve been indulging in some new, some old apps that I have discovered as want to share…
King Of Thieves:

This stately game involves you escaping from a dungeon, and then progressing through various other temporary homes, increasing your wealth in gems and gold, upgrading your defenses and attacking others to get a share of their bounty. You eventually try to become King of Thieves and be the champion!

Difficulty: Moderate
Addictivity: 8/10
Price: Free
Thought Needed: Lots

Verdict: Enjoyable and interesting with lots of different things to weigh up and bear in mind. Great game!


This trivia game is fun and teaches you great new facts. There are over 700 topics to choose from, ranging from simple maths to world capitals to Liverpool FC (my favourite). You compete in games with seven questions each, 1-6 worth up to 20 points and 7 is double points. The quicker you answer the more points you get and the most points wins. You can also unlock titles if you do well in a category – I am currently ‘The Red’: reaching level 10 in Liverpool FC!

Difficulty: Quite Easy – Quite Hard
Addictivity: 6/10
Price: Free
Thought Needed: Some – Mind-Boggling

Verdict: Trivia at it’s best. This is the best of the best if you like this sort of thing… Fantastic trivia game!

Fun Run:

This P v P online game is very popular and is simple and easy to master. Customise your character and race against friends or random people! You can choose from a large variety of courses which the four competitors vote for prior to the race. In play, use the jump button to explore the wide range of paths you can take and use power-ups to help yourself or hinder the opposition. And win as many races as possible to improve your reputation.

Difficulty: Very Easy
Addictivity: 4/10
Price: Free
Thought Needed: No Brain Required

Verdict: Simple, amusing game which you can play when you like for as long as you like. However, there is no stand out great feature. Average game.

Cooking Fever:

Cooking game similar to Papa Louie. Unlock various different restaurants and mange your time to become the ultimate chef. Upgrade your items to cook more efficiently and gain more money, and upgrade your restaurant interior to get higher customer satisfaction! Tailor your cooking to the customer’s requirements and even give them a special cupcake if you are feeling nice!

Difficulty: Moderate
Addictivity: 6/10
Price: Free
Thought Needed: Average Amount of Brain Power Would Help

Verdict: As far as time-management cooking games go, this could be a lot worse. Good game!


This clever artistic game has a brilliant idea behind it. It uses a colour system of pink, light blue and yellow to create red, green, dark blue and then black. You need to drag the three basic colours over each other in a limited number of moves to match and envelop circles of the same colour. As the levels progress the circles begin to move, change colour and change size.

Difficulty: Quite Easy – Quite Hard
Addictivity: 5/10
Price: Free
Thought Needed: Some – Lots

Verdict: Brilliant idea for a game which I adore, but perhaps it could have been executed better. Seems to lack an extra feature to make it more playable. Not a bad game at all.

Football Manager 2015 (Handheld):

The latest instalment in the FMH series is not dissimilar to the previous ones. A few added features will come to the delight of a hardcore, seasoned FMH fan, but that is one thing I can’t boast to be. It’s lack of cutting-edge design is disappointing, and it lacks a bit of quality. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but is a very good game for realism – it is so incredibly realistic. Oh yes, and you might want to know that in the game you are a football manager. If you haven’t worked that our already…

Difficulty: Quite Hard
Addictivity: 8/10
Price: £6.99
Thought Needed: Lots – Mind-Boggling

Verdict: Good game database, good simulating features, good realism, but it is anything but easy on the eye. Also, it seems like Sega just said ‘Oh yes, and we also need a mobile version’ and got out the copy-and-pasters. Not worth the price. Good game for what it is but I’d advise against splashing the cash…

Clash of Clans:

Pictured above is my mass dragon clan war attack (3 stars) on my favourite game of all time: CoC! It is the top game on the App Store and is the strategy game that has been copied time and time again – even King of Thieves (all the way back up there) took a bit of inspiration from Supercell. Lead your army to glory, upgrade your village and join clans to rule the kingdom! This game truly has everything: online battles, you can play with friends, you can make up infinite different strategies and you have the satisfaction that there will always be someone worse than you at the game… Or is that just me? 🙂 Just joking of course!

Difficulty: Quite Hard – Very Hard
Addictivity: 10/10
Price: Free
Thought Needed: Lots

Verdict: Brilliant game that is addictive and definitely value for money. No
matter what anyone tells you, you DO NOT need to spend money to be good at this. I’m level 88 89 and I’ve never bought anything in my life on this game…

And yes, I just realised ‘addictivity’ is not a word. Ah, well, shame! I can’t be bothered to change it all now…

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18 thoughts on “iOS Game Reviews

  1. looks like Sherwood is a great manager at villa beating both our great teams. But, “He’s one of our own! he’s one of our own! Harry Kane you are one of our own! We’re only behind Liverpool by Goal Difference. HaHa!


      1. You won’t like mine either…
        1. Chelsea
        2. Arsenal
        3. Man.U
        4. Southampton
        6. Spurs
        7. Liverpool
        8. Swansea
        9. West Ham
        10. Stoke
        11. Everton
        12. Crystal Palace
        13. West Brom
        14. Villa
        15. Leiester
        16. Newcastle
        17. Hull
        18. Sunderland
        19. Burnley
        20. QPR


      1. Am on BT Sport coverage saying ‘you should’ve gone to specsavers’ as well as walking right infront of camera, lol!


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