Britain’s Got Talent Returns: Simon Goes for Gold

‘TV’s most bonkers show’ returned last weekend as BGT returned to ITV for a ninth series.

In a night of thrills and spills, there were many highlights. One of these was Wendy the dog who appeared to know the words to ‘Feelings’ and shared it with the TV audience of 11 million. The ventriloquist is under investigation, however, for animal cruelty. But the headline act was young male singer Calum Scott, who’s unique tone has Simon Cowell press the golden buzzer, consequently sending him through to the semi-finals.


His sister also auditioned before him but was denied a place in the semis as the judges thought that her voice wasn’t up to scratch. Calum, watching on from the side, then stepped up to stand up to her sister’s disappointment and he delivered a spell-binding performance.

Simon Cowell, boss of the SyCo label, was clearly delighted and said he was a fantastic contemporary singer. His performance on a wider talent show raises the question, however – why did he not go on the X Factor or The Voice? He is good enough to progress far in either of those competitions, and can rival Stevie McRurie, recent The Voice winner. What’s more, Britain’s Got Talent usually uncovers winners who do more uncommon acts, such as Attraction or Ashleigh and Pudsey.

What can’t be denied, however, is that Calum Scott has a great voice and Simon Cowell will be snapping him up for a record deal sometime soon.

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