How has the new Clash of Clans update impacted the gameplay?

Clash of Clans updates are always eagerly anticipated and publicised by players of iOS’s biggest game, and when Supercell released the latest, labelled the biggest update since Clan Wars, it got everyone excited. This post will go through the update in detail after I closely scrutinised it with my blog review hat on.

The first thing Supercell revealed in the infamous release of sneak peeks prior to the update were level 5 dragons. These provoked scenes of excitement and hopes of a revival for the air beasts at town hall 10. However, the release of a second air sweeper at town hall 9 acted as a counterbalancing feature – as dragon level 4 were made available at town hall 9 due to popular demand – and I have a feeling this update will have no impact. The issue is, dragons are mainly utilised in mass dragon attacks at town hall levels 7 and 8, and this strategy is made useless with the addition of a fourth air defence at town hall 9. Dragons are relatively quick, so the haste spell (below) will do them little good. What’s more, suggestions of additions of a dragon to lavaloonion strategies (lava hounds, balloons, minions) seem pretty hopeless as the 20 capacity a dragon – weak used on its own – takes up is far better to be used on 4 more balloons. Overall this section of the update is the least exciting as it mainly acts as a blow for lavaloonion because of a second air sweeper, seeing as the new dragon level can already be deemed useless.

Champions league began as an unreachable target that all players strive for but has become standard level for maxed out town hall 10 players. The addition of Champions 1,2,3 (3200 – 4099 trophies) is good, and also means champions is less prestigious and easier to access, as all the top players will be in the new Titan leagues 1,2,3 (4100 – 4999 trophies) – despite its ugly symbol! And to add extra spice to the best player’s trophy pushing, the new legend league has been added. It brings a new goal to the ‘boring’ game a maxed player plays up at the top end of the game. Alongside this comes extra prizes and recognition for being the best player, or in the best clan, an extension of the league seasons to one month an the overhaul and redesign of the profiles gives a sleeker, more competitive look and feel to the league system.


And congratulations to Shaheen UAE on becoming the first ever legend league player!

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that nothing is perfect in life and despite how good clash of clans is there are some bugs and errors in their update that I will take the time to point out:

~ Archer Queens placed next to still hidden Hidden Teslas often get stuck, don’t move and don’t attack.
~ The improved AIs of heroes is barely noticeable 😉
~ Wall breaker improvements failed miserably so they had to change it back.
~ The league badges for ‘I’ leagues is horrible :-/
~ Some people are unable to join, make or be invited to clans.
~ It appears in the profiles of all th8+ players that they have unlocked all of their dark spells!!

And that leads us nicely onto…

dark factory

DARK SPELLS!!!!!!!!!!! This is a brilliant new addition to the game and adds so much more variety to attack strategies, I can’t wait to experiment even more! Plus there is a new storage capacity system in place with spells which adds so much more variety to the game. The factory is unlocked at town hall 8, and the first two dark spells are unlocked here before the final one arrives at town hall 9, leaving room for a new one at town hall 10 ( and 11??????) First up…


The poison spell looks the best of the lot so far. It is the only one that fills in a gap in attacking, the one that the lightning spell feebly tries to fill – taking out clan castle troops. The poison spell is brilliant at destroying common war castle troops such as wizards, witches, minions and archers, so I now recommend dragons or lava hounds in war castles as they are less vulnerable. However, people have made the fatal mistake of poison-spelling heroes. It. Is. Useless. Thus far this is the spell that makes its way into my GoWiWi attacks these days.


This is a completely useless spell. There – I’ve said it. Haven’t supercell considered the lightning spell? The only two differences are that this one does the same percentage of damage to every single structure in the game (pointless) and it does 4x damage on walls – but you can only destroy walls if you bring four earthquake spells, which means you have to sacrifice at least one elixir spell – it is barely worth upgrading your dark spell factory from level 1, and I wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t for the…


Haste Spell! Yay! No? To be honest, I’m not sure where I stand on the haste spell. It could either turn out incredibly useful, epic for one attack strategy only ( likely, I think, that this is the case and the strategy is lavaloonion ) or completely and utterly as worthless as a healer. Its not the first, I can tell you that. Its radius is too small to have a massive impact on loads of troops, and so gives a short burst of speed, but little else and hardly more. And it’s the most expensive, advanced dark spell in the game! I’m not too impressed, supercell…

And now for the little bits that often go unnoticed in the updates:
~ Army overview screen – helpful little tool that comes hand in hand with a toolbar to flick between barracks and factories.
~ Spell creation time reduced – Hallelujah! No more waiting for hours for spells!
~ Spell queuing – Makes little difference considering how long spells take anyway.
~ Reduced training cost for some troops – reduced by a minuscule amount.
~ Quick single target inferno tower full-power stuff – pretty cool if you ask me…
~ Arabic and Traditional Chinese now supported! – it has gone from a good game to a great game! Ni hao!

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5 thoughts on “How has the new Clash of Clans update impacted the gameplay?

  1. You still play clash of clans:) wow you must be amazing now. What town hall are you at. I decided to start from scratch 4 months ago and I’m now a strong town hall 6 player


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