iOS Game Review: NOYBE

A brand new game has emerged on Apple’s App Store and from what I’ve seen/played, it could be destined for greatness!

It has been labelled as “the greatest challenge of patience and fine-motor skills you’ll ever face”. Oh boy is that right! It is deeply frustrating and incredibly annoying. However, my first impression was that this looks like my kind of app – simplistic, fun, easy to play yet fiendishly difficult to master! You control a little yellow fur ball – presumably called NOYBE? – and you need to guide him as he bounces off little bubbles around the side of the screen. All is not as it seems, however, as once hit the bubbles cannot be hit for a long period of time afterwards, until they grow back. There are also mystery bubbles and ‘double bubbles’ to increase your score.

The controls are simple, you just tilt the screen to move the ball of fluff from bubble to bubble. But the speed increases the more bubbles you touch in quick succession, and consequently the bubble becomes harder to control. There are also some in-app purchases that give you new fur balls that earn you more points. These are a bit over-priced though.

Also, they are working on a big update. they are creating levels, an a no ad option. This will add a whole new dimension and will be released in the next 1-2 months. For more info you should follow their social network pages. Of course the game is very new on the scene so there are a few glitches, and so in the update I’d also like to see:
– Fix the crashing on iPod Touches
– Fix the glitch on iPhones where it crashes if you press play again too soon after ending the last turn.
– Fix the glitch where it doesn’t remember your previous best after it crashes.
– Maybe decrease the price of the existing in app purchases so more people buy them.
– Perhaps an in-game currency which you can spend on customising your hairy friend.
– Achievements that give you this currency, and coins in the game.

If some of these things are added along with the levels this already well-thought-out, cleverly programmed and insanely addictive game will reach the heights of similar games like Paper Toss and the almighty Flappy Bird. The developers have done an excellent job on this clever, cute game and with a few tweaks and additions it will be the complete package. And it’s free! I urge you all to download this excellent, fun game and be patient, because when the update comes out it will be worth it!


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