Game Review: is an online game that involves you controlling a cell and avoiding bigger cells whilst trying to consume smaller cells than you.

Basically,’s gameplay is all about you eating up all the other cells in order to become the biggest cell in the game. But it’s not that simple as it is a massive online multiplayer game, and at times, there may be dozens of other players doing the same. So it’s literally a case of eat or be eaten with this game. You’re also trying to avoid being eaten by the other bigger cells, and so it makes it more challenging.

What makes it even more complicated is the fact that the bigger you get, the slower you’ll get to trudge along. But it also means that the chances of the smaller cells bumping into you becomes bigger, and so you get bigger too. An option would be to divide your massive body into several smaller, more nimble ones, all the better to eat up more cells, but this is risky as it may result in bigger cells gobbling you up. Your nickname and the other players’ nicknames are written on your cell bubbles so there won’t be any confusion.

There is also a new android and ios app for the game. The app is made by Miniclip and is pretty good, though sometimes glitchy and slow and often you spawn on top of another cell. However, it does have the cool feature that shows you where you would be on the leaderboard.

I rate this game…

9 10

It is addictive, fun and exciting while being minimalistic and simple. The controls are easy, just using the mouse, space bar to split in half and ‘w’ button to eject little portions of your mass.

The amount of players that play it means there is never a dull moment, and you can play it for 5 minutes or hours on end!

Simple online games don’t get much better than, so I definitley recommend installing it!

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