Clash Of Clans FC

If Clash of Clans had a football team…


GK: Barbarian – The last line of defense, a last resort if you need to take out a few buildings to get the star, it is used in a desperate attempt to prevent a goal/trophy loss!

LB: Minion – This speedy left back always pops up in the right place at the right time to do some damage, but can be beaten very easily when defending. A true attacking full back!

RB: Archer – Quick, helpful when attacking and defending in a clan castle, this quick-thinking, bright full back is a good all-rounder on the pitch and can always be trusted to destroy some buildings/create some chances!

CB: Golem – This tank at the back is slow but menacing and big so can keep even the most skilled of strikers quiet. It does substantial damage too/can launch counter-attacks from the back too.

CB: Giant – Big, strong and physical, this centre half can take a bombardment of cannon fire/attacking players but a cleverky utilised spring trap/speedy winger can leave him stranded.

CDM: Witch – Slow and steady like Gerrard, the witch controls attacks from the rear and can sweep up assists/buildings with it’s masses of skeletons/through balls. It’s the deep-lying playmaker of the team.

CM: Balloon – Slow on approach but when given the opportunity the balloon can be destructive/clinical. It provides splash damage galore/goals from the midfield and is a key player in the team.

CM: Wizard – Always top of the teamsheet/featuring in the attack strategy, the wizard’s attacking damage is brutal and vital in victories. However, it is pretty weak when defending/taking damage.

LW: Dragon – It scares defenses to near death with it’s bulky shape, and when it whips in crosses or cuts inside to have a shot it burns gaping holes through the defense. Very over-powered!

RW: Goblin – This little guy has bucket-loads of pace and when he puts his mind to it, no one can stop him looting/sprinting and whipping in a killer cross.

ST: P.E.K.K.A. – Up front, leading the attack, is the P.E.K.K.A. Nobody quite knows where he gets his immense power from but he uses it incredibly well when he gets an opportunity. A must-have for any team/clasher!

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