Guest Post: Mourinho Embarrased by ‘Unlucky’ Confusion

Hey guys, today we have a guest post from The Pundit, who has let me post here a post from his blog at . Enjoy!

“Jose Mourinho has admitted to The Pundit that he is embarrassed by his repeated misuse of the word unlucky. The Chelsea manager and former translator has a masterful command of English but as with all second language speakers, the occasional mental block is perfectly understandable.

Baffled by Mourinho’s claims that his players had been unlucky in their defeats at the hands of Man City, Crystal Palace and most recently Everton, The Pundit confronted him armed with our trusty English-Portuguese dictionary. The Chelsea man initially reacted with characteristic grumpiness although his attitude changed immediately as he read the highlighted entry.

“Oh Me”, he exclaimed (a common utterance for those with delusions of Godlikeness), “that’s not what I meant at all”.

After some riffling, he found the word he was looking for.

“Pathetic! Not unlucky, pathetic – that’s what I’ve been meaning to say. My players have been really pathetic.”

“Oh, Son of Me, I must have been talking absolute drivel in those post-match interviews. Why didn’t anyone say anything?”

It’s not the first time a manager has been involved in a verbal mix up. Earlier this year The Pundit learned that Arsene Wenger was mistakenly using the phrase “I didn’t see it” when what he actually meant was “my player was at fault”, a revelation that explained years of cryptic interviews. There are also suggestions that Brendan Rodgers is confused as to the meaning of the word “outstanding”

although the list of proposed adjectives he should be using are all far too rude to print here.


Mourinho’s errors seem to have damaged his previously good relationship with the media as some outlets believe he has been deliberately obtuse and difficult this season. We can only guess what Branislav Ivanovic thought when the boss phoned him late at night screaming “IVAN YOU ARE UNLUCKY! YOU ARE REALLY, ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY UNLUCKY. YOU UNLUCKY EXCUSE FOR A RIGHT-BACK”.

The good news for Mourinho is that The Pundit has received plenty of messages from non-Chelsea fans wishing him luck for the future.

And of course when we say “luck” we mean “many more Chelsea defeats and some mild lower back pain.”

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