Brand New: ‘Feisty Footy’

Coming to blametheblogger is Feisty Footy, the greatest ever football game!

Manchester United's English defender Phi

Here are the rules – each week I’ll pick 55 random Premier League players, and from that you have to pick a team, each player scoring a certain amount of points . The amount of points you make will determine your place on the leaderboard!

So, it’s a bit like Fantasy Football but relies more on your knowledge of the game and players.


I’m trialling it between now and the end of the season before properly starting a full season next year, so your feedback will really help. You can find it in the header menu above or at !

Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League

Of course, this weekend is the FA Cup so you will be picking teams for the weekend 27/28 February! Good luck!

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