BGT’s Back with a Bang!

On Saturday night Britain’s Got Talent kicked off their tenth series in style.


Beau Dermott, a twelve year old singer, got Amanda Holden’s golden buzzer for her astounding performance of ‘Defying Gravity’. Trip Hazard the dog – who was tiny – got the whole crowd going with his cute dancing, and Alex Magala tormented everyone with his sword-swallowing, cheating death to earn a place in the next round.

But don’t forget the others, who also hit the headlines but for very different reasons:

  • Vitaly Voronko and his accordion somehow scraped through – but he didn’t tell the judges his name until the end of his performance!
  • Paisley Kerswell, a scarily good 10 year old, performed a flawless dance routine, and when Simon asked her if she was nervous she simply replied “Nope”.
  • Nicholas Bryant started as one shy pianist, but then he was joined by a violinist, then a conductor, then an entire orchestra, then a choir, all hiding in amongst the audience. Sublime!
  • Rainbow Elvis was a guy in a pink wig who lasted four seconds.
  • And 11-year-old George Kavanagh’s stand-up comedy made David Walliams day!

In other news, another person won The Voice who we’ll never hear from again…

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