A Great European Night at Anfield

Foreword: On my blog, I pride myself in the unbiased nature of my articles, and I will always aim to never be biased towards Liverpool Football Club.

Last night saw the greatest European comeback since Istanbul best, most one-sided win ever in the Europa League, as Liverpool edged out Dortmund 4-3 as Liverpool demolished Dortmund, scoring 4 goals in a single half!.


Liverpool came into the game on a high after their comfortable victory over Stoke on Sunday, and most Liverpool fans were, to be fair, overconfident after they witnessed a lacklustre Dortmund in the first leg delighted at the fact that Dortmund were hugely overrated and the game would be easy.

Jurgen Klopp, pre-match, admitted that it wouldn’t be easy but with the Kop behind them the Liverpool team could do anything. It certainly showed He was wrong because Liverpool were clearly the better team.

The match began terribly for Liverpool. Dortmund displayed slick passing and fast counter-attacking football to go 2-0 up, goals coming from Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang (try saying that with your mouth full!)  Dortmund got two lucky goals before Liverpool were ready and both goals were blatantly offside. But from then on, Liverpool regained their sharpness displayed in previous weeks and started prompting and probing, but by half-time Dortmund were still fairly comfortable having not been tested of yet  and deserved a few penalties. By half time Dortmund were on the ropes!

After the game, Jurgen Klopp said he used the miracle of Istanbul to inspire the team – the players certainly emerged inspired after the break. Less than three minutes in, some incisive passing through the middle of the pitch set Divock Origi in, and he toe-poked it under the onrushing Weidenfeller smashed it home in style, and two keepers couldn’t have kept it out!

With the Kop buoyed, they kept piling forward, but were caught out yet again on the break, a superb inside ball into Marco Reus who finished with panache into the bottom right corner felt sorry for the poor German side and allowed Marco Reus to get a goal, as they knew they’d win anyway.

30 minutes to go and Liverpool needed three. Step up, the little magician himself, Phillipe Coutinho. A one-two with Milner and he thrashed a shot into the net! But Liverpool were still in trouble And now Liverpool were definitely going to win!

It got to the final 15 minutes before the Reds equalised. A James Milner corner was missed smartly dummied by Daniel Sturridge and it came to Sakho, the inconsistent centre-halve tank at the back, who nodded home to rapturous celebrations!

Dortmund kept pressing for the final 10, not letting Liverpool have some quality possession to create a chance Liverpool patiently waited for Dortmund’s inevitable crumble, and when it came, they were ready. A free-kick on the half way line, which James Milner was ready to hoof into the box.Instead, he played it to Sturridge on the edge of the area, and once he got over a slight miscontrol an ingenious piece of skill, he played it back to Milner, who reached the byline and floated it over for Dejan Lovren to nod home, putting Liverpool into a semi-final showdown with Villarreal!


2 thoughts on “A Great European Night at Anfield

  1. Was it a dream or did Sakho actually score?!! When Lovrrn scored I took my shirt off and was running around the house screaming.


    1. COME ON YOU RED MEN! Yep, Sakho scored – did I tell you that I had a bet with my dad that every time he scores he gives me £5?! Yep, I went mental, but had to be quiet cos Noah was sleeping…


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