5 Games You Should Be Playing!

Am I the only one who always feels like they need a new phone game to play? Honestly, it feels like every day I want something new to play. That’s why I’m sharing 5 games that you should definitely try out.

2014-02-24 18.59.50

1. Infection

This game is really fun. You may have heard of Plague Inc. but this is a free version which is just as good. The aim is to infect the world with your disease, and you can set up what traits you want your disease to have – how it can be transmitted, what it does, all sorts of things. To win, you must wipe out humanity before they find a cure!


2. OSM 

I recently posted about this multi-player footy management game – and since then they have unveiled a major update that will improve both the interface and the features of the game. It is a really fun, addictive game to play and is even better when you can get a big group of friends to all play in the same league.


3. Clash Royale

Another multiplayer game that I have recently posted about. Clash Royale combines the card-based gameplay of Hearthstone, the packs and online battling of FIFA Ultimate Team and the characters from Clash of Clans to create what is destined to be a brilliant game for all ages. Super fun!


4. Score! Hero

This is a superb offline game and if you like football games then you’ll love this. With the line-drawing-to-kick controls of Flick Kick Football and Score! World Goals, it is a simple game yet very hard to master. Control a player through 19 seasons (so far) of his career, and see if he can become a world-beater! There a 380 levels to master, and you’ll never get bored of this game.


5. Happy Wheels

The mobile version of the hit online game, you have to guide a character through obstacle-course-type levels and avoid getting killed – because if you do beware of the incredibly gory animated graphics! This is a quirky little game and is very fun but really tricky!

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