Premier League Season Review!

In a year of ups, downs and exhilarating moments, one stand-out story has gripped the nation – the Premier League has been painted blue! 

So here is how I’ve done on my predictions this year! Not great…


Pre-Season Prediction  Mid-Season Prediction Final Position 
 Leicester  20
Arsenal   2 2 🙂
 Tottenham  3  3
 Man City  1  4
 Man United  5
 Southampton  12
 West Ham 12 
Liverpool   8
 Stoke 10 
Chelsea   10
 Everton 13   11
 Swansea 11  16  12 
 Watford  19 11  13 
 West Brom 17   17 14 
 Crystal Palace  14 10  15 
 Bournemouth  15 15  16 
 Sunderland 16  18  17 
 Newcastle 14  18 
 Norwich 18   19 19 
 Aston Villa  13 20  20 

Yeah, so famously flopped on the whole Leicester thing! In fact, it’s quite funny reading what I wrote at the start of the year, so here are the best – or worst – bits…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Anyway, what a season it has been. Some fantastic football matches, incredible goals and some hilarious moments, like LVG’s dive! Here are the best bits from everyone’s favourite footie show, Soccer Saturday! Take it away, Kammy!

So what about next year? The quality of managers coming in to the Prem is superb, and next year we will have Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Conte, Pochettino, Koeman, Bilic, Ranieri… the list goes on (but no Arsene Wenger…)! And, if the exciting young teams like Leicester, Spurs and Liverpool have great seasons, along with the quality of City, Chelsea and Arsenal, we could be in for a fantastic season, and certainly a tough one to call! But I’m sure I’ll be back with some more superbly accurate predictions…

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