Euro 16 Diaries, Volume 7: Portugal 1-1 Iceland – Some Stats That Show Just How Incredible This Iceland Team Are!

Iceland salvaged a draw against heavyweights Portugal on their first appearance in a major international tournament. This is incredible, considering Portugal’s stature in the game, Iceland’s ‘minnow’ nature and the fact that they nearly grabbed a late winner! Here are some great stats that show just how crazy it is…


  • Iceland’s population is about 300,00 – the same population as Coventry!
  • Their football association wasn’t created until 1947 – Portugal’s was created in 1914, England’s in 1863!
  • Ronaldo has around 120 times more Twitter followers than Iceland have people!
  • If you are a male in the right age group, you have a 1 in 2000 chance of being in the Iceland squad.
  • 10% of Iceland’s population is at the Euros right now!
  • Their national stadium holds just 15,400 – Swindon Town’s stadium has more!
  • They have only won a quarter of all their European internationals!
  • Before this tournament they have never qualified for any international competition.

All that shows just how incredibly Iceland did last night and that their footballing future is bright…

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