Top Ten Things We Loved About Euro 2016 (and none of them involve football!) [Euro 16 Diaries Finale]

10. Will Grigg’s on Fire/The Bench

Every single football fan, whether you come from Northern Ireland or not, will have gone mental to the chant of the tourney at some point in the last month, but the irony is that Will Grigg, the most talked/sung about player in the Euros, did even play a minute on the pitch! Nevertheless, he was certainly keeping the bench warm – he was on fire!


9. Crazy Fans!

The fans always come up with wacky ideas, and this tournament was the same! Here are the picks of the costumes…

8. Ronaldo Moth

Poor old Cristiano Ronaldo, he was so badly hurt in the final that he didn’t notice the moth perched just under his right eye…


And some brilliant jokers did this…


7. Morata Tackles the Linesman

In any best moments countdown, you have to have a player annihilating an official…

6. Iceland Go Viking-Style

After one of their triumphs in the tournament, the Iceland players and fans rediscovered their viking heritage…

5. Winking Mascot

This little guy grabbed hold of his chance to shine when the cameras pointed at him whilst he was a mascot…

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 19.30.33

4. Ronaldo Throws a Tantrum

When Hungary went 3-2 up against Portugal, their star man, who had scored an exquisite flick to make it 2-2, went into a bit of a rage…

3. Joe Ledley’s Smooth Moves

When he wins another game as Wales in the Euros, who can blame Joe Ledley for losing himself a little?

2. Simone Zaza Messes Up Big Time

His run-up in the shootout against Germany took a few million years, and when he finally reached the ball…

1. Icelandic Commentator…

When you’re not very excited…

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