Hilarious New Apps 😂!

Here are two brilliant apps to use with your friends! 👊


Bitmoji is an emoji keyboard for phones, in which you create a cartoon-style emoji character of yourself and dress it up. Then, the app gives you access to hundreds of funny emojis with your character in! You can use these on Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage and more. What’s more, if you Snapchat someone who also has a Bitmoji, then you will have access to some emojis with both of your characters in!



BAM is a clever, funny little app which allows you to send comic notifications to your friends’ phones. For example, “Gouis23 just licked your nose”, “Gouis23 just poked your grandma” and “Gouis23 just sniffed your dog”. You can write virtually whatever you like and send it to the phone of your friend, and it’s quite funny coming up with hilarious notifications to send…


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